Diakem Investments (SL) Ltd

Internet Service Provisioning (ISP) – CrownNet:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots. ( Diakem Boasts of a robust network that delivers blazing fast download an upload speeds across rural and urban areas)
  • Fixed Wireless Internet Access (FWA).
  • VSAT Satcon.
  • VSAT+FWA Dual WAN.

ICT Infrastructure:

  • VoIP/IPBX Systems.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
  • Wired/Wireless LAN/WAN Infrastructure (First service provider to deliver wireless access across the Freetown/Lungi Estuary. )
  • Remote IP Surveillance and Security Systems.
  • Radio and TV Broadcasting.
  • HF, VHF and UHF amateur transmissions.

Electrical Power Supply:

  • Solar, Wind and Biomass Renewable energy supply.
  • Lightning and ESD protection.
  • Grounding.
  • Power conditioning and regulation.

Training- Diakem Institute of Information and Communications Technology (DII-Tech):

  • Wireless Networks and VSAT installer’s courses.
  • Microsoft Software packages: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher, Page maker, software packages.

Support & Maintenance:

  • Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMIs).
  • Data recovery and restoration.
  • Network recovery and restoration.
Geo-Network Presence

Our current network with 33 cell sites and still expanding, spans across Freetown, Lungi and Port Loko, Kambia, Makeni and Njala, Sierra Rutile, Moyamba, Bo and Kenema. it is segmented as follow:

i) Core Network Operation Centre (NOC)
This facility located at our Head Office at 26 Adelaide street works in concert with our point of presence (POP) at Zoodlab’s Fiber optic cable landing station (CLS) at Lumley via a 12km Metro Dark Fiber link: and a 2Gbps real through-put redundant LTU Wireless-Fiber grade trunk offering a 99.99% CCQ and 1ms latency. Traffic through our NOC is rigorously monitored and scrutinized to ensure data integrity and security using Qos compliance, Authentication and Accounting appliances from Cisco, and Fort iGATE running on a 72-hour power autonomy/backup system.

ii) Backbone/Distribution Point to Point (Ptp) Network.

Our backbone/distribution network primarily constitute of Metro Ethernet Fiber- Optic cable wit LTU Wireless-Fiber grade backhauls offering fail-safe redundancy routes for each site. These backhauls are now Gigabit compliant offering nothing less than 99.99% CCQ with a latency of not more than 1.5ms at a 15km range in the sub 6 QHz band.

iii) Last Mile Access Point to Multi-Point (PtMP) Network.

We now provide Dedicated or Committed Information Rate (CIR) Fiber to Business or Homes (FTP/FTTH) last mile customer termination for internet or VPN access. Our traditional wireless last mile solution has also been upgraded with LTU Wireless-Fiber grade capabilities in our sub 6 GHz licensed and unlicensed band.

NB: we are also a registered LIR member of AFRINIC (the IANA recognised African Internet Numbering Regulatory Agency) and possess a/22 block of public IP addresses.
Monitor and be in charge of your interests at all times from anywhere via your phones and other portable devices with our IP-CCTV surveillance systems.
Branded WIFI Advert:
Showcase and increase brand awareness of our products and services with compelling artwork of image or short videos on our Branded WIFI splash pages. Engage viewership in offices, homes, schools, universities or public/private events (such as concerts, conferences, sporting event etc) and collect vital data to build a demographic marketing profile in Freetown and the provinces.
GREEN-POWER (solar Wind, Tidal Energy)
Do you plan to minimize your carbon footprint and operation and maintenance cost (OMC) on traditional power generation? We’ve got your back. We shall size, design and maintain solar, wind, tidal renewable energy power options for your homes and businesses from 500VA to 100KVA, with any autonomy (backup period) of your choice.
No region is too remote for our reach. We bridge the digital divide with our VSAT connectivity option.
CLOUD AND DATA STORAGE SERVICES: DIAKEM-Drive. Our cloud service provide an appropriate platform to facilitate data flow (access, processing, storage) from front-end clients with Windows, IoS or Android devices, through the internet. Access local resources (files, folders, photos, crucial documents, Apps) connect with family, friends, business association and secure your priceless data, anytime. anywhere. We keep you connected.
Ultra High-Speed metro Fiber-Optic Cable Connectivity:
With the demand for high bandwidth and quality constantly increasing beyond traditional wireless technologies, the advent of DIAKEM’s Fiber-Optic network has come as a great relief in catching-up We have taken a leading posture in ensuring our customers leverage on our gigabit Fiber transmissions to Offices (FTTP) and/or Homes (FTTH) to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape for increased computational power and connectivity of things (IoT).
Enjoy the mobility of WiFi Internet (Hotspot) with Direct WiFi access to your devices anywhere, anytime. you can also Access for FREE.
Use our various connectivity platforms to remit and receive funds via Western Union. MoneyGram, Ria,BnB,AfroMoney etc.
Air-Fiber Wireless Access:
The adoptions of Next Generation LTU Air-fiber point-to-point wireless technology has ushered a great sense of respite in our last mile wireless delivery. Customers with preference for wireless access can be assured of a next to Fiber cable experience