Diakem Investments (SL) Ltd

Lately, there has been an ever growing need to monitor one’s investments and matters dearest at heart. Though the advent of traditional Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provided some respite in this regard, its limited monitoring scope has however presented a serious drawback to the facility.
With DIAKEM’s e-surveillance services, we’ve greatly eliminated this drawback. In consortium with our international partners, our carefully upgraded VVD (voice video and data) infrastructure has provided a pedestal that has taken CCTV monitoring to a whole new level.
Consequently, with access to the internet on your PC, Android or IOS device, you can view live/recorded footage of any audio-visual device within our network (in High or Standard Definition HD/SD) from anywhere. The results have been sensational. Namely:

• A boost in productivity and profits.
• Maximized employee performance.
• Enhanced time/resource management.
• Significant deterrence in crime/theft.
• Optimum returns in investment.
In light of the above, you are assured of delivery in your expectation. We shall access your needs and customize a solution that suits your requirements